Transport Facility

Transport – The need for safe passage of each child to school and back home is of paramount importance to us. To ensure safe travel the school has its own fleet of school buses designed as per standards and manned by trained drivers and personnel sensitized to the needs of small children. For supervision and monitoring a transport attendant is on board throughout the journey. Mobile phones have been provided in each bus that ensures efficiency in terms of service and better communication in case of emergencies. Besides ensuring the implementation of the safety norms, all staff on the bus is well trained in first aid and emergency management.

Rules Governing Transport Facility:

  • The school bus facility available to the student cannot be expected or demanded as a matter of right. The Transport Department at their own discretion, has the right to disallow any student from availing the bus facility.
  • Students availing the bus facility will be provided with a bus number, pick up and alighting stop number. Generally, the bus timings will operate within 10 to 15 minutes of the pickup and alighting time. Parents are requested to accommodate the same.
  • Any change in the bus timings will be notified to the parent by the Transport Department.
  • Students will have to board and alight the school bus at the respective stops allotted to them only. The Transport Departments reserves the rights to allot the stops.
  • Students while travelling on the school bus must maintain discipline. Any student guilty of misconduct will not be allowed to avail the bus facility.
  • A student shall be refused the bus facility if involved in damage to the bus property. Besides, the damage done will have to be compensated by the student.
  • Students/ parents will not have any transactions / altercation / physical fight with the bus staff. Bus employees are not authorized to change/add bus stops.
  • The school has taken utmost care for the safety and convenience of the students. Any suggestion/ complaint regarding the transport service is to be made in writing strictly to the Transport Department and the same shall be entertained by the Transport Department only.
  • The School management and School Principal shall no way interfere with the decisions taken by the Transport Dept. for the smooth functioning of the transport service for the students.
  • It is important that any change to the usual pick-up/ drop routine is intimated to the transport in charge a day in advance. Bus crews have been instructed to bring back to the school any student who is not collected by the authorized person at the designated bus stop.
  • No child will be handed over to an unknown person/ to anyone without the parent I-card, which must be produced at the time of pick up.
  • Please cooperate with the drivers and attendants. It takes nearly two weeks to set the transport route. Hence, there is a possibility of mismatch of timings given to you at the start.

Smart Class

The traditional way of teaching became deprecated a few years back. With the upcoming technologies, it has become easier for teachers to impart their knowledge to the students and make them understand even the complex subjects conveniently. However, not all schools are ready to take that step forward because it definitely requires many changes and it is not always easy to accommodate changes in a process that was stagnant for years.
At Chauhan Public School of Excellence, all our classrooms are equipped with smart class connection, display boards, aesthetic furnishing, projectors and lockers. In addition, a high-speed broadband connection facilitates in easy access to any required information. The classes are also connected with the Knowledge Center to make things streamlined.

In such a hi-tech classroom, it becomes easy for our teachers to derive even the most complex chapters or concepts from easy illustrations, presentation or animated videos. As a result, your child is able to learn and grasp easily. Also, with visual aid, it stays in their mind more prominently.

Reading Room Cum Library

The Chauhan Public School Library has well equipped computerized libraries, with over 10,000 volumes which include books, videos, DVDs, CDs, subscription to 25 periodicals which are added to continually. The Prime objective of Library is to make it as Learning Resource Center. The Library has various online facility for easy access of information these includes Online Public Access Catalogue, Digital Library etc. The library

also provides students and teachers with a range of reference books, encyclopedia, journals and newspapers and internet facilities to enrich their classroom activities and knowledge. The Learning Centre with its enlarged Library and separate Reading Rooms has a Resource Room with an 40 seater audio-visual center and a full sized projection screen.

Well known writers are invited regularly to read from their works.
All new books are arranged on a display table in the library for a month and reviews put up on the Notice Board. Our specially trained Librarian organizes the Library Week with book readings, designing book jackets & book marks and writing book reviews.

To encourage reading for pleasure Dear or Drop Everything And Read programme is followed on a weekly basis in all classes from three to twelve.

Multimedia Lab (Computer Lab)

What is a modern school without conventional multimedia labs with state-of-the-art equipment? We believe that that our students should be techno-savvy and to make that true, we have separate multimedia labs for both our junior and senior classes.
The multimedia labs offer considerable time and freedom to our students to learn with computers. We also have well equipped audiovisual facilities in our labs. The big LCD screen makes it easy for faculties to teach an entire group easily in a single session. In a way, that process fuses the traditional education system with enough flexibility for students to interact.

The integration of multimedia is however, a conventional step to make the teaching more effective. When students can see things practically happening in front of them, they learn quickly and are able to grasp the concepts much more comfortably.

Language Labs

Communication is the key to success. It’s not the only one, but it does play a crucial role in the success of any person. If you can communicate your thoughts, your ideas and your perception to the person sitting next to you in an exactly similar fashion as it is painted in your mind, you can win more than half of the competitive battles.
The accommodation of a separate language lab in Chauhan Public School of Excellence is a step ahead in making our students more confident in their approach while conversing.

The state of the art lab is backed by wonderful and powerful software by Glob arena Technologies. It is equipped with all the modern amenities and multimedia facilities. We also have interactive boards that play a vital role. The spacious lab can accommodate up to 35 students in it at one time.

Science Labs

The School has well equipped laboratories For Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for these laboratories.

Sports Cum Play Ground

Tennis : Chauhan Public School has, for the first time in Bihar, developed two covered Tennis Courts in addition to the one open. Tennis teaches the students important skills like coordination of eye and body movements. An excellent shade over the two tennis courts help the students play even during afternoon hours. Tennis is also a compulsory activity and Chauhan Public School does not charge anything extra. Even balls and racquets are provided by the school.
Cricket : Cricket brings a lot of team spirit and sportsmanship in the life of a child. In India Cricket is the most popular sport. Not only Boys but even Girls like to play cricket. Cricket not only has physical benefits but also provides social, emotional and mental well being. It builds endurance and stamina, balance and eye-hand coordination with team skills. The sports teachers are well-versed with the game and provide guidance to the students.

Music Classes

Music is an art relished by all ages. Moreover, it has a plethora of benefits – from enriching language skills, strengthening hand-eye coordination, relieving stress, enhancing creativity to improving memory.
At Chauhan Public School, we train children in both vocal and instrumental music. Children are taught songs in Hindi, English etc.

On special occasions like Independence Day, Republic Day and other national or social festivals, students are encouraged to participate in different musical activities. Training in instrumental music commences in Grade V. Students are trained in instruments according to their talent and ability. The school has instruments like Harmonium, Flute, Tabla, Keyboard and Drums. We also have an orchestra/band consisting of students who play various instruments and are taught both Indian and western musical pieces.
The school has skilled teachers who teach vocal and instrumental music. They also conduct individual/group singing competitions among students.

Drawing Classes

Drawing is a curious process, so intertwined with the process of seeing that the two can hardly be separated. Ability to draw depends on ability to see the way an artist sees, and this kind of seeing can marvelously enrich the life of a child. Chauhan Public School teaches the art of drawing to help the students to discover these abilities.

Maths Lab

Chauhan Public school has two Math labs one for junior (classes 1 to 5) and other for senior (classes 6 to 12) section. It is a place where students can learn and explore various mathematics concepts and verify various mathematical facts and theorems using variety of activities and it is well equipped with necessary kits and tools. It provides an opportunity to the students to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situations. It provides greater scope for individual participation in the process of learning and becoming autonomous learners.

CCTV Surveillance

School is under surveillance of CCTV. We keep CCTV footage for up to one month. All our campus area is covered with more than 50 CCTV cameras. We installed CCTV cameras with night vision so that security is maintained at all cost.

Facilities :

  • It acts as a deterrent to anybody with mal intent.
  • It supplements the security guards since it is inhuman and thus never tires or loses focus.
  • It helps in monitoring and keeping track of activities taking place in school premises.
  • It helps to identify and capture any intruders or offenders.
  • It allows for maintenance of an effective access control so that only authorized persons access the school thus making it easier to keep the entrances and exits of a school secure.
  • It helps in keeping a watch on valuables and appropriate use of resources within the school.
  • It is useful in organizing evacuation in case of emergencies and reducing the response time when planning security drills.
  • In the event of any vandalism or theft, it is a useful tool in protecting the school property and identifying the perpetrators.
  • It can be used to keep track of attendance of students, teachers and support staff alike, along with ensuring they are all doing their work efficiently.
  • It helps in keeping a watch on the teacher’s methods of teaching and punctuality.

It not only helps in keeping track of the children but also the teacher’s behaviour/ techniques/ methods of teaching and punctuality.

School Security :

  • CCTV security systems help in preventing or identifying unauthorized intruders who enter the premises, thereby promoting school security.
  • Easy to track remote parts of school campus.
  • CCTV surveillance systems can keep track of housekeeping and ensure they are doing their work.
  • CCTV security systems help organize exit in case of emergencies.
  • CCTV is used to protect school property form vandals.

Classroom Facilities

Our classrooms are spacious and accommodate quite comfortable class sizes: JK – 15. Kindergarten up to 25 students per class, grades 1-6 up to 35 students per class, grades 7-12 up to 40 students per class.


In a school garden, school children are set to work cultivating flower and vegetable gardens. The school garden is an outgrowth of regular school work. It is an effort to get children out of doors and away from books. It is a healthy realism putting more vigor and intensity into school work.